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As a Total Solution Provider, our customers know that they can call Highway and get answers to the toughest transportation challenges. Whether it is a local haul, a small shipment, or a Superload requiring an in-depth traffic control plan, Highway will have the solution.

Kristine Kennedy

Kristine Kennedy has been intensely involved in the Transportation Industry for nearly 20 years. Building on her foundation as dispatcher for a small machinery moving company during college years, and subsequently spearheading that business to include heavy hauling, her exuberance and passion for the Transportation Industry has grown exponentially since launching her own company in 2013. Kristine exudes passion as she actively and effectively participates in both Highway Heavy Hauling and the transportation industry as an influential committee member. 

Currently with a fleet of 16 trucks, 30 trailers and a strong, cohesive team, Kristine orchestrated her company into a Pacific NW heavy hauling industry icon. Using her knowledge of equipment, heavy hauling processes and procedures, combined with a phenomenal aptitude towards leadership, Kristine conceived and metamorphosed Highway Heavy Hauling into the strongest equipment transportation service provider in Portland, Oregon.

As an industry stakeholder, Kristine understands the full decision-making process, and the need to ensure concerns are met early in the planning process when changes may be easier to make, rather than late in the process when even small changes may severely impact the industry and cost both time and money. Thus, as an active member of the Portland Freight Committee, Motor Carrier Transportation Advisory Committee and the Mobility Committee for the state of Oregon, Kristine provides council to these transportation boards to monitor and lobby for local and national laws or issues effecting the transportation industry.

Kristine Highway Heavy Hauling

Kristine and joint owner and brother, Carson Kennedy, have not only raised the bar for quality equipment hauling in Portland, Oregon, but with their combined rigging and transportation knowledge, they have grown and expanded to Phoenix, Arizona where they are joint owners of Maximum Machinery Moving. 

Carson Kennedy

With an aptitude of safety and quality first, Carson Kennedy has enthusiastically dedicated his career to adding value to the rigging and specialized transport industries. As the son of a helicopter logger and electrical engineer, Carson, a Pacific NW native, quickly learned transforming the impossible into the possible came naturally. Thus, capitalizing on this knowledge, combined with extensive experience and certifications in diesel and hydraulic technology, industrial crane and rigging, forklift operation, and over-size load commercial driving, by launching and field managing his partner-owned company, Highway Heavy Hauling (HWY), in Portland, Oregon, by the age of 30 was logically the optimal career selection.

Carson, connected interpersonally with his team of HWY employees, has trained, encouraged and empowered this high performing team to cohesively function in a collaborative environment such that employees are proficient at making sound judgement calls, tactfully addressing safety concerns, skillfully competent at prevention, and fully capable at reducing process inefficiencies. These qualities have enabled the company to gain traction, strengthen and grow exponentially in the industry, nonetheless it’s their customers that have reaped the benefits and satisfaction from these dedicated employees while simultaneously capitalizing efficiently and economically.

Carson Kennedy

Carson and joint owner and sister, Kristine Kennedy, have leveraged the company’s success and expanded to Phoenix, Arizona where they launched Maximum Machinery Moving (MAX) in late 2017.

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