Highway Heavy Hauling, is the Pacific Northwest’s solution provider for transporting equipment. As methods and strategies behind logistics and transportation advance, where premiums are placed on speed and safety of deliveries, it is important to hire the most innovative transportation company. Highway Heavy Haul fundamentally understands both the complexity of the transport and the accuracy of comprehensive details.

With 2 fleets, each designed to meet the needs of our customers, you will find what you need. One fleet is specifically designed for loading, unloading and hauling lift equipment such as boomlifts, scissors and forklifts. Our 2nd fleet is outfitted with lowboys complete with jeeps and boosters if required for large machines. Our drivers are trained in the operation of all construction equipment inluding cranes and scrapers. We load and unload our own trailers in a timely, safe manner.

Our philosophy of placing honesty and safety foremost, coupled with accumulated knowledge and experience of the heavy haul transportation industry, guarantees a timely delivery where safety and efficiency are maximized. Motivated by the axiom – “time is money,” we consistently demonstrate our preparedness and forward thinking methodology for guaranteeing a prompt, safe delivery by understanding challenges, anticipating problems and instilling back-up plans. Structured to be a total solution provider for small and extremely large projects, we are equipped with existing partners and prepared to create new partnerships.

Kristine Kennedy

kristine kennedy Our president, Kristine Kennedy has been immersed in the world of Transportation for over 16 years. Trucking and all of the facets that go with it are her speciality. Whether this be routing solutions, permitting equipment right the first time or finding logistical solutions in a fast-paced manner – she has the answers. Superloads, multi-axle combinations and multi-load sequences are just a few of the scenarios her experience encompasses. As a member of the Motor Carrier Advisory Transportation Committee for the state of Oregon and the Highway Policy Committee, she is up to date on current transportation issues she is assisting in providing innovating ideas for the transportation industry.

Carson Kennedy
Fleet Manager

carson_hwy_updates_41318Carson’s safe practices and industry experience is leading the reputation of Highway Heavy Hauling to be the best in Portland. With over 10 years experience in the Transportation Industry, Carson has the experience to face challenges with a consistent, diligent attitude. There is not a project or a jobsite out there that he cannot figure out how to get our equipment safely in and out of. By working with our customers, our drivers and dispatch, Carson ensures the quality control that our customers are looking for.

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