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4101 N. Suttle Rd. Portland, OR 97217

About Us

About Us
Maximizing Customer Trust, Confidence and Satisfaction

As the Total Solution Provider in the Pacific NW, Highway Heavy Hauling (HWY) interactively engages with customers throughout the entire transportation process. Commencing engagement at the inquiry phase, when details are most important, HWY ensures even the toughest transportation challenges will be solved safely, efficiently and timely. This form of risk management coupled with knowledge of mandated regulations, industry guidelines, and company policies (monitored and enforced) along with the precise infrastructure to support customer requirements, has provided HWY with the flexibility to focus internally on critical areas such as the safe transport of your machinery. Integrating safety seamlessly with planning and logistics, has maximized customer trust, confidence and satisfaction.

Top-Notch versatility

Capitalizing on HWY’s specialized equipment versatility and focusing on the technical competencies of our elite, cohesive team, HWY has created a more flexible service-centered infrastructure. Specifically, HWY fosters an environment focusing on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction centered around safety and being the Total Solutions Provider. Precisely, HWY’s infrastructure includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Specialized equipment (e.g. hydra-tail equipment trailers, 9-axle lowboy combinations, etc.)
    Experienced, trained and certified drivers proficient with sophisticated transport machinery, equipment, and correlating procedures and processes:
  • adhere to all Department of Transportation (DOT) rules & regulations
  • with safety the top priority, obey a stringent set of guidelines for cargo securement and transport, including loading/unloading
  • participate in continuous development & education (via Oregon Trucking Association)
  • provide a strong mix of strengths and capabilities
  • Continuous dispatch hub accessibility proficient at reacting and shifting effortlessly between assignments or situation variables
  • Applicable permits and professional, insured escorts (including high pole) are obtained and supplied regardless of requirement—super-load, in state, cross country, or out of country
  • Routes are pre-designated, with on-site route validation when applicable
  • Safety records and driver log books are documented and continuously maintained and reviewed
  • Zero tolerance for drug and alcohol; all employees have been selected, screened and are actively re-screened (department of transportation supervisor trained)
About Us
Safety and transparency

HWY infrastructure is founded on total transparency and are devoted to building long term relationships by practicing honesty and mutual respect without deviation. HWY customers can expect the highest level of integrity from our entire HWY team with the kind of agility and flexibility that only a team of our size can offer (a large corporation simply can’t move as quickly as we can). Understanding the transport industry and how quickly changes can emerge, HWY leaders provide a voice within the community and actively participate in transportation boards:

  • Immersed in safety specific transportation boards
  • Consultative to the Motor Carrier Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Advisory to The Portland Freight Committee

Kristine Kennedy

Highway Heavy Hauling is the dream that became a reality in 2013 when my brother and I decided that we could haul construction equipment better and safer than our competitors in the Pacific NW. We are truly confident in our drivers, care about the industry and strive to give our customers the best service possible
About Us