Safe Solutions


Safety is our key to your Project’s Success

All of our drivers are pre-screened, have proficient experience in transporting diverse types of machinery and equipment, and have completed certified driving courses. We mandate that our drivers strictly adhere to all Department of Transportation rules and regulations while placing an emphasis on safety, tie down procedures and maintaining a current log book for driving hours and equipment maintenance.

Not only are our drivers trained, our management holds the same certifications and training as our drivers do. This includes Drug & Alcohol Supervisory Training, Hazmat Certification & Load Securement. We strive to keep our training updated by utilizing resources and classes put on by the Oregon Trucking Association. By staying on top of constant changing laws, our company is ensuring the safety of our customer’s needs.

Our company’s leaders also immerse themselves in safety specific transportation boards. The Motor Carrier Transportation Advisory Committee and The Portland Freight Committee are just two of the groups that benefit from Highway’s expertise.

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“Kristine Kennedy has demonstrated her commitment to safety and high standards while serving on the Portland Freight Advisory Committee. In addition to her participation on Oregon Trucking Associations’ Highway Policy Committee, She consistently examines the policy decisions we make through a safety lens that benefits not just her company but the entire industry and the